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Cynthia Anne Cashman lives in Los Angeles, CA. She was born in Southern Minnesota into a family business of floriculture. There she saw the joy of planting and the bounty of beauty in blooms produced. Observations that developed in her a sense of wonder and awe that kept her grounded for the rest of her life.

She loves the National Parks and Forests of America-- they are the essence of her words. She shares the days of beaches, mountain tops, nights of the moon, and stars with her readers.

Walk along with her on a poetic journey through nature with its storms and calms. In metaphors woven to hold the emotions, we both embrace and endure as humans.

Her work is featured in: Nightingale & Sparrow Micropoets: The Top Ten (2019), Renaissance: Nightingale & Sparrow Literary Magazine, Issue No. II (2019); By Me Poetry: Poetica Volume I, II (2017/2019), Womb: Celebrating Mothers (2018); Her Heart Poetry: The Annual 2017, 2018. She has self-published two books: Circle of Time: A Year of Haiku (July 2020), Days of Sunshine (2017).


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